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About the Program

In 1986, the Jackson-Madison County Sports Hall of Fame was founded to "honor, preserve, and perpetuate the names and accomplishments of outstanding athletes and other sports personalities" in Jackson and Madison County.

Over the years, the Hall of Fame has continued to grow and mature in the community and has established itself as a recognized symbol of the celebration of athletic accomplishment. Consider the following:

  • 214 honorees have been inducted into the Hall of Fame
  • 35 Distinguished Service Awards have been given
  • Over 250 high school and college athletes have been honored as their school’s Male or Female “Athlete of the Year”
  • Since the inception of the scholarship program in 2005, over $186,000 in college scholarships have been awarded to students from Madison County
  • Due to generous charitable gifts, the Scholarship Endowment has grown to over $390,000
  • The Hall of Fame hosts an annual Banquet and induction that regularly attracts over 500+ attendees
  • The Hall of Fame photos and history is now housed in special public place in the Carl Perkins Civic Center

The Hall of Fame would not have reached this level of maturity without the gracious support of the Inductees, the Jackson-Madison County Community, and countless volunteers. The Hall of Fame has much to celebrate and for which to be thankful.

To become a “Friend of the Hall”, one can make a contribution of $50 or more on an annual basis; the Hall of Fame’s fiscal calendar runs July 1 through June 30 of the following year. To be acknowledged in the Banquet Program, the contribution must be received by March 15th, which is approximately 1 month prior to the banquet. Send all contributions to Jackson-Madison County Sports Hall of Fame, PO Box 10085, Jackson, TN 38308.

The Hall of Fame exists only because of the generous support of inductees, their families, and the community. We hope that you join us in this effort to continue to strengthen the Jackson-Madison County Sports Hall of Fame.


  • Ann Keyl
  • Andy Rushing
  • Beth Sedberry
  • Beverly Moore Baum
  • Bob Smith
  • Brandon Rowland
  • Bud Sikes
  • Charlie Garrett
  • Dan Morris
  • Danny Walker
  • David Thomas
  • Dennis Wilson
  • Dexter Williams
  • Don Allen
  • Don Newman
  • Drew Yates
  • Edith Worthy
  • Edward Martindale
  • Foundation Bank
  • Fran Chandler
  • Franklin Payne
  • Garrett Moore
  • Greg Hammond
  • H&M Foundation
  • Isaac Lassiter
  • James Kirkland
  • James Parker
  • Jim Frazier
  • Jim Hardegree
  • Jim Swope
  • Jodie Parrish
  • Jody Pickens
  • Jordan Taylor
  • Josh Igou
  • Kirk Goehring
  • Kyle Spurgeon
  • Lee Wallace Driver
  • Lisa Morris
  • Marquetta Hunt Winston
  • Michael Garland
  • Molly Rheney
  • Neil Ross
  • Nick Nicola
  • Pam German
  • Reggie Smith
  • Rita Carmichael
  • Ronnie Giddens
  • Ryan Porter
  • Shawn Cobb
  • T Willie Tyson
  • Tim Sikes
  • Tom Britt
  • Tommy Sadler
  • Tommy Ferguson
  • Tony Graves
  • Trey Teague
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